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OrthoSport WellStar Outpatient Rehab


Executive Director:  Kim Chastain PT, DPT, OCS
770-974-7494 kim.chastain@wellstar.org

Director of Operations:  Niki Groves PT, DPT
770-974-7494  niki.groves@wellstar.org

Clinical Supervisors

Acworth/Hand Therapy Center: Niki Groves, PT, DPT
770-917-8175   niki.groves@wellstar.org

Austell/Cobb:  Brent Scoggins, PT
770-732-4100   brent.scoggins@wellstar.org

Douglasville: Holly Forrest, PT
770-920-6285   holly.forrest@wellstar.org

Hiram/Paulding: Taryn Hand, PT, DPT
470-956-8990   taryn.hand@wellstar.org

Kennesaw:  Melanie Thomason, PT, DPT
770-974-7494    melanie.thomason@wellstar.org

Marietta/East Cobb:  Jennifer Velez, PT,DPT
770-420-1122    jennifer.velez@wellstar.org

Marietta/Kennestone Ortho:  Tom Peters, MPT
770-590-4172    thomas.peters@wellstar.org

Marietta/Kennestone Neuro:  Pascale Bourne, MA, SLP
770-793-7600    pascale.bourne@wellstar.org

Marietta/Atherton Place: Niki Groves, PT, DPT

     Marietta/Windy Hill:  Kari Roberts, PT, DPT
770-644-1550    kari.roberts@wellstar.org

 Woodstock:  Taryn Chlebisch, PT
770-591-9111    taryn.chlebisch@wellstar.org